8/30/2021 (or 30/8/21 here)

So today was more challenging. 1st, I drove Val to Dangriga to catch a plane back to the US. No problem. Then I went to the phone store to get local service. That took about 1.5 hours. My general mindset is patience as I have no need to hurry! so who cares how long things take? Sometimes more challenging than others to maintain but I am practicing.

Then I went in search of Reimer's, which is the local farm supply where they sell pet stuff etc. Did you know you dont need a prescription for flea, heart worm or anything else hardly here? I am trying to find my place, emotionally and physically, particularly around the street dogs. Many of them are owned. Their care seems ok. Mostly. But some are clearly not ok. There is a young puppy clearly starving that I cant find a second time.....I fed him when I saw him but havent been able to locate him again. I bought supplements to feed with food (extra support), I bought mange treatment as a nice young woman here who has already rescued 2 dogs has a third following her around and she cant afford his care or really to feed him. He has terrible mange. So I bought some Ivermectin to treat the mange. Did you know that people are using it to treat covid? Did you know that we use it on the cattle at the ranch and dont let anyone of reproductive age tough the stuff?? Insanity abounds.

Driving in Belize is very interesting. Hardly any road signs so street names are irrelevant. I wandered around, trying to use waze, and google maps and they were useless. I finally pulled in somewhere and got directions. Thank goodness people are so friendly and helpful here! Then I headed home back to Hopkins and got so lost!! More directions asking. Crazy.

When I go home I went looking for they pup to no avail. Then came back to the Funky Dodo (where I am staying) and changed rooms. I am in a bigger nicer room with more useable space. Now we are next to Tanya and Lily (her dog). Theo and Lily LOVE each other! (i am having trouble uploading pics but will do so when I can get it to work.)

This is Theo and her new best buddy, Lily. Lily is about 1/2 her size but they have sooo much fun together.

And this is my new room.

The alcove with a table and the very important FAN!

The door to the outside.

The door to the bathroom.

And the bed.

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