Bureaucracy & not Noodles

So I went to the bank to open an account. This is a requirement of the QRP Visa. I thought I would get a jump on it. This is not a place where you walk into the bank and walk out with an Acct! I need 2 letters of reference from previous banking institutions with WET SIGNATURES! If I only have one letter I can get a letter of character reference instead of one. I need a utility bill (I will have that after I move but not for 6 weeks likely cuz we have to go through a cycle before I will get a bill) I need a color copy of my passport. All this to give them my money to hold. I understand this to be a process that can take 2 months once you have submitted your Paperwork. And note the bank hours? 8-3 m-f. Good thing I am not working!

So I go to the grocery store and look what I find! Don’t these look like yummy noodles? I thought veggie noodles! They are not labeled. Lots of things you can buy in premeasured bags, like bulk since the pandemic.

I start cooking them up and they are GELATINOUS. I think, what kind of noodles are these?? Maybe like rice noodles or something. I ask Slim what they are and he starts cracking up. These are not noodles. You are supposed to fry them, add a little salt and eat them like chips.

I didn’t do a great job with that either. Not enough oil. They puff up, and they are not supposed to have any of the dark color on them. Slim doesnt know what they are made from. They taste a bit like popcorn. Probably the salt. A good laugh was had by all!

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