Day 1

Well we got off to a rocky start, Kellen was doing ranch chores and as it often happens with ranching, things did not go as planned! We got on the road at 11:30am. Not so bad really, as our goal was LA.

It is stunningly dry and parched in the valley. Land is grazed to dirt, orchards are dying or dead. There are a few green farms but mostly dirt. Makes me think of the dust bowl.

Driving was smooth and uneventful! We listen to UnTamed (Glennon Doyle) some music and made it over the grade without incident. The sun was orange north of the Grade but clearer in actual LA. Smoke and grey skies all the way down.

Had dinner at a FABULOUS restaurant in Receda called Vinh Loi a vegan Vietnamese place. Ate it at Jenny Fineman’s house and Theo got to play with their pup.

I have to say my animals traveled exceptionally well! After wandering around the truck for a bit, Beatrice (cat) crashed on her perch for at least 1/2 the drive. No yowling at all. She even wore her harness all day without fuss! That was really just a safety precaution to make it easy to grab her if she headed for the door. Also, I am trying to see if I can actually train her to Walk on harness! That would make this trip nicer for her I think!

Tomorrow we take a quick hop to San Diego to see Ethan, Deliver the rug to him, and go to their friend’s bday party.

All is good.

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