Day 2- San Diego

Kellen and I got to SD about 11:30am and headed over to Ethan’s. Spent the day hanging out. This pic is the kids at a great restaurant we went to for brunch/lunch. I love them both so much! We laughed, had serious conversation etc. We went to the Belching Beaver Brewery and had a beer. Then over to the park for their friend, Jason’s 40th surprise bday party. Got to meet their friends, hang out etc.

Theo was super well behaved all day, went everywhere with us and at the park she was great even with tons of dogs and people. I think it makes her tired just going all kinds of places, doesnt need a long run!

At one point Theo just hopped in to Ethan’s chair at the park to watch the goings on. The pic in the background is Jason at 5yo.

It is hard to leave Ethan. He promises to come see me soon but its hard to even think about not seeing him for a while.….

Tomorrow we head to Las Cruses, New Mexico.

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