Day 3 and 4. Border crossing

Day 3 was our last day in Texas. We stopped in and around a small town called Marfa. There are art installations outside of town, and the town has a number of galleries. Unfortunately they were mostly closed as it was Sunday. Here are some pics of the installations though!

The Prada store is art, not a real store! In the middle of nowhere.

The skies were beautiful! lots of puffy clouds. The sunset was gorgeous!

Day 4: we crossed the border into Mexico!

The whole thing was a breeze! We crossed and they didn't ask us anything but if we were US citizens. They didn't look at papers etc. Then we drove about 45 mins to the actual immigration office. There was hardly anyone there and the people who worked there were helpful and efficient. It didn't take more than 30mins!

Food was an issue yesterday. As vegetarians it was hard to find anything but taco stands that were open, and they only really serve meat. Don't know if it was covid or what but there were a huge amount of closed places. We resorted to eating candy! At dinner we rolled into Matehuala. Kellen found us some food- delicious vegetarian tacos. And then more driving. We got to San Luis Potosi about 8:30pm. Not a well planned day for us.

Joshua Trees in Mexico! I had no idea. When we started through the valley that had them, Kellen commented on a sign that read Dinos e (?) Vinos. I was told my a friend that Joshua Trees were eaten my dinosaurs and their seeds spread through the dinos' poop! Makes sense that they are in Mexico too!

We didn't see the vino though!

And another beautiful sunset!

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