Got notified today (on a Sunday?) that my QRP visa is approved!

So the QRP visa is different from permanent residency (That takes a year to get). The biggest advantage is that I do not have to pay duty on my truck. That is a savings of at least 10K! To get it, you have to be 45 yrs old or older, be able to evidence $2k income per month (social security), not work. And a few other easy things. It only took 14 weeks! Not to bad for the bureaucracy here as I understand it.

Today was a very low key day. It was hot today, and The winds are strong and that made the beach the place to be.

I walked down the beach to a bar and I ordered a pina colada (it was only 11:30am! I have no idea why I did that. Totally out of character. I think I somehow felt like it was later.). I met these 3 lovely kids who were totally into Theo, and the buckles on my backpack. It was hard for them to squeeze the buckle tight enough to get it open so it was a fun challenge and when they could do it, the Buckley flew open. We compared muscles! I think the oldest of them is 5yo. The girls are sisters and were dressed identically.

This is called a Rocket Trumpet, or Allamanda Schottii. I found a cool new way to use google. there is this feature called Google Lens. Take a pic and it will tell you what it is! This is my new way to learn the flora and fauna.

And lastly, Beatrice actually fell asleep on the deck today, didn’t fight with the leash for a change. Usually she lasts about 15 mins and then gets fed up and tries to wiggle out of the harness. I think we hung out for over an hour. (I was reading).

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