Happy cat, Happy me!

Beatrice on her first day out of confinement!! Poor kitty has been either in my truck when traveling, in a hotel room or in the room at the hostel. We are finally in a permanent place and after 24hours, I let her out. She is very very happy.

I am happy too! The place seems to be working out and i really like the house. We had a bit of dog barking this morning at 3:00am but the rest of the nights have been quiet and they called the dog in relatively quickly so she quieted down.

Ive spent the last few days going back and forth buying things that I left behind- everything from a bath mat to a colander! Ive been putting food in the cupboards and the fridge and it is starting to feel like home.

This is the view from my "veranda"- its about 4 feet wide. See the Caribbean Sea??

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