I found a HOME!

So the good news is I have decided to rent a place in Placencia. It was the first one I looked at there and i think it will be good. I think I put a link to the location before. The landlord (Jane) says she will put in the new floor in the living room before I move in. She needs to put up the new air conditioners she bought. Maybe some painting. I think it will be good. Because its away from the road, Beatrice (my cat) will be safe. She doesnt know anything about roads. Its on the beach. Im happy. Only I have to wait until 10/1 to move in. One step at a time!

This is an egret at the beach in Hopkins. Are you wondering what all that crappy on the beach is?? Well the dark stuff is sargassum . It’s a seaweed that washes up a few times during the year. Not fun to swim in. It stinks as it rots. It happens when the waters are especially warm and wind is right. And of course the garbage in the ocean comes in with it. Kind of a bummer when it’s happening. Those are coconuts on the ground too. . and in

please ignore the weird typing above, my keyboard is acting up!

Let’s see-I couldn’t find my surge protectors and fried my cord to my computer! Thank god it had a protector in the line and I didn’t fry the computer! I went and bought surge protectors today! When ever there are storms (frequent at the moment) the lights flicker and there are surges! I have learned my lesson! Thank fully, Thomas (Tamar’s fiancée who works for Apple) is getting me a new one and most generously sending it to someone to bring to me! He is such a dear!

Other interesting things, when you go to the store to buy canned goods, spaghetti sauce etc, you Must check expiration dates! Many things are Way expired! I am ok with fudging a bit on those dates but 6 months, a year, 2 years??? I think its a bigger issue in a small place like Hopkins. When I stopped in Dangriga today to get the surge protectors I went to a large market there and had no problem with this. Better selection too. Oh adventures in living in a developing nation!

And the candy corn tree? That is called a screw palm or a Pandanus Palm. Unclear to me if its edible. But cool looking!

I hope to find a book on the flora and fauna of Belize sometime soon.

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