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Updated: Sep 20

Started the day with rain! Usually has been happening only at night but we had a great down pour at 7 am. And sprinkles through out the day. No thunder which Theo is grateful for.

I drove out to the Lost Reef Resort in Riverside for a solo women in Belize get together. Made some good connections with women, particularly around dog stuff. Here’s the interesting (?) part. So all these women are straight (pretty positive about this from what they said.) These 2 women are best friends and live together. One of them reaches around the other to feed the dog something and the other woman jokes and says something about giving people the wrong idea. And ”people” are probably already talking about them that way. Then this other woman says its true, this guy she knows asked her about them (keep in mind the word lesbian never comes up). She said she told him they were all 3 a thruple. He is generally intrusive and it got him off all 3 of their backs. The first 2 women laugh and ask did you really say that?? the third says yes. They all laugh some more.

I am quiet, watching and listening. Don’t know quite how to respond to this. At one point one of the first 2 women is talking about food issues and says something about anorexia and somewhere in the conversation I mention that I had had a partner who had anorexia, but untreated. We talk a bit about anorexia and body image. She wants to gain some weight cuz she doesnt want to be a “skinny old woman with lots of wrinkles” I told her to forget it, gravity wins. I missed, until about 10 mins later, that really, this is just another form of worrying about how we look, reaching for the beauty standard.

The whole thing felt a bit unsettling…. I felt a bit unsafe, and like my identity was being “used.” Like they didn’t get it, what it means to walk around, meet new people, not know how they will feel about me, or?? But also thought it was interesting that they didn’t mind being thought of as lesbians (As long as it helped them.).

I appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Love to all.

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