It is even harder to keep track of the days here for some reason!

Updated: Sep 2

September 1st.

Kellen came through yesterday and hung out for the evening and today in the morning. Then she took off again, out to Belmopan, then Ambergris Caye and then will take off from Belize City on the 5th. We have said our goodbyes :( I am so grateful that she came with!

I went to look at a place today but it was not what I am looking for. Not sure I will find it here, Kellen thinks I will have better luck in Placencia. I would like something in town, 2 bdrm. Yard for the dog. But most of what is in town is either occupied or pretty run down. I look at a place outside of town on Saturday. Too far I think. A conundrum as I do like Hopkins and the people here!

I think I will head out to Placencia again, see if I can connect with the woman I know there (from FB) and see what is available. There is no hurry. I have this place until October 1st.

Sunday I will head out to see my new friend Christine (I met her in Ukiah!) out in St Ignacio. I will spend 2 days checking that out.

Much love to you all!

This is our goodbye selfie!

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