I moved to Placencia yesterday. I had some good help moving to my place which is good because I never could have done it on my own! My back was killing me!

I was really looking forward to sleeping in my adjustable bed. That was good. But at 2:00am the downstairs neighbors dog started barking. Then at 5:30 am it happened again and she barked for about 20 minutes! I was really not happy. I am hoping this is not a recurring theme. It was possible it was a one off related to getting a notification about a fire in Honduras where she has family. Then around 11:00am music started up really loud. About 1pm I went down and asked it to be turned down, turns out it was the adolescent daughter and mom wasn't home. She turned it right down. I took a nap!

This is where I had breakfast. A beautiful spot called Cozy Corner.

And these are pics of my new place. It's a great apartment in many ways. Bigger than I have had in 10 years!

This is from the living room looking into the dining room/kitchen. The door way on the right is the 2nd bedroom.

This is the bathroom.

2nd bedroom.

kitchen/dining room

My bedroom

Living room-still need to unpack!!


And lastly, I went for a walk with Toni and Janice over by where they are building their new home. Its a great spot! And there is room for the dogs to run without worrying about them going on the road. It was Theo's 1st real off leash walk since before we left and she was soooo happy! She ran and ran. She swam in the sea! And she only made me nervous, taking a bit longer than I like to come back. Its going to be a good spot to practice off leash walking (And coming when called!!) with her.

This is her tired self afterwards!!

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