Road signs and a lack there of. The Hummingbird Highway!

Ok, who know what this is?

The Hummingbird Highway has these great wild life signs! This is for a Tapir! I missed taking the pic of the monkey. This one is an armadillo and a snake. (lots of boas!)

I feel like I am getting better/more comfortable driving here. No one pays any attention to road signs, double lines on the road for passing, speed signs etc. There are almost no traffic lights or stop signs. These huge road bumps are used to slow traffic down and they are treacherous if you dont see one coming! Definitely a different world.

And what was I doing on the Hummingbird Hwy again? I drove out to San Ignacio to see my friends Christy and Julius.

I met them in Ukiah! They have lived here before and got stuck back in the states during covid. They moved back on the 21st of this month. They flew though.

San Ignacio is much bigger than Hopkins or Placencia. And it looks totally different. A bit like SF with lots of hills! Hanging out with Christy and Julius was good. I wasn’t sure how long I could last because he is a challenge (7yo with autism) but it was good. He is a pretty cool kid in lots of ways. His autism limits a lot of what they can do so really it was mostly a nice visit. We went out to Spanish Outlook which is a Mennonite community. They are the farmers and builders of Belize. You drive down into the valley and its like entering Minnesota! Flatish farm land. Looks totally different from the rest of Belize. I got some beautiful Broccoli! Who knew I would be so grateful for a good broccoli! Good veggies are hard to find, especially on the coast. Also the cheese scene is pretty poor here. I did buy some while there and am hoping it will be decent, but there is no such thing as a cheese shop here! :( The cheese was labeled handmade cheese. I have no idea what it is! I am being adventurous!

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