Saturday- Exploring Placencia and meeting new friends!

Well today was very fun. I spent most of the day in Placencia with new friends Toni and Janice. They have been together 28 years. They have lived there about 3 years. And before that? The Bay Area. They are lovely people with great politics and I am really excited to get to know them better.

I think I am going to focus my home search on Placencia. I think it is a better fit. It is more touristy than Hopkins but that has some advantages and it is still quite diverse.

Advantages: The housing market is more broad. In Hopkins everything is either very poor or very rich. That translates into places that have wires hanging down from the ceiling, holes in the floor etc. Or rentals from the very rich. Huge mansions. White town as the locals call it. And it is very separate and not where I want to live. Very little in the middle. In Placencia it is more mixed. There is certainly the areas that are rich and white and full of McMansions. But there is quite a bit in the middle ground too. And the population is more mixed because of it.

The other big advantage is food. So far, in Hopkins vegetables are very fresh (on Tuesdays) but very limited. It is a bit like a food desert especially for a vegetarian. One kind of squash. Onions, potatoes, some peppers. Not much else. Of course no tofu and I am not sure I can get that in Placencia either! But at least the veggies are more diverse! Everywhere has lots of fabulous fruit! fresh papaya and mango just for starters.

No great pics today though I saw a 2' Iguana and a regular raccoon. Not a coatimundi.

Tomorrow I head to San Ignacio and will visit with Christine (from Ukiah) and her son Julius.

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