Snorkeling and Bread & Butter Caye: its a dogs life!

Had a lovely day today! I did a full day snorkeling trip with Anna Maria and Martin.

We went snorkeling with Luckie's trips. We saw a rather large nurse shark, a beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray and soooo many fish! Such beautiful diversity! The reef looks healthy! A brain coral 4 feet in diameter! 2 swims in the morning, then lunch on Bread and Butter Caye, which is a hand made Island. They dredge sand from the shallow bottom (with a shovel!) and put it behind a retaining wall that surrounds/contains the island.

This is Basil one of our guides. He caught a snapper and cooked it for our lunch! And frigate birds.

The life!

On the way back we saw a crocodile in the Sittee River. A small one actually! Maybe 4 feet. People dont swim in the river because of the crocs!

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