The Road to Bacalar, MX

Pictures will have to come later. I cant seem to upload them at the moment. We left Villahermosa at 9:30am. This was a different ride all together. Where before we were going through long stretches of country with nothing but land, and when we did see little communities, they were mostly closed down. No open restaurants, lots of the stands are closed. In this stretch the trip it is very rural but the communities are more active. There is hardly any traffic on the road (hwy 186). But we could find food which was really nice because that was definitely a challenge the days before this.

We did however get searched 2x by the police! There are way more police and military along this part of the route and there were 2 places where we were stopped along with everyone else, but we were told to pull over. The first time they searched the inside of the truck and didn't even look in the back. The second time they had me pull out 2 bags and search those. Both times they were friendly, asked lots of questions and let us go on our way. They liked the dog. :)

It was kind of nerve wracking, especially when I thought they were going to make us empty the whole truck out! Kellen was great with them, friendly, answering their questions.... they had a hard time understanding that I was retiring to Belize. They wanted to know what I was going to do there. Kellen isn't sure if its a cultural or a language thing. I am very clear that retirement is a privilege.

The hardest and most heart breaking part was seeing this dog that was clearly starving to death. Most of the dogs look ok given that they need to scrounge for food etc. This mama dog was dying of starvation. So we stopped and I gave her a bunch of Theo's dog food. And then Kellen asked this woman who had a stand near by if she would feed the dog if we left some food for her and she said yes. So I left a bag of about a weeks worth of food there with feeding instructions! I don't know that it will actually make a difference in this dogs life, or if she will survive but I had to do something. I told Theo what a lucky dog she is. Lots more street dogs in this part of Mexico. Mostly look ok. Sorry for the pic but is real and it made me cry.

When we got to Bacalar, I took Theo for a walk to pee and about 4 dogs trotted out to check her out. They came over one at a time, very serious, no play involved but not hostile. They sniffed each other and then the other dog turned and left. Just checking her out. One smaller male followed us a bit but again, no hostility. Interesting to watch these interactions!

Lots more murals!

We had a great dinner at a place down on the Playita. Lovely band playing kind of jazzy music. I got some very hot salsa in my eye- that wasn't fun but it was short lived thankfully. Gotta be careful where you put your fingers when eating chips and salsa!

Tomorrow we head to the Belize border and hopefully to Hopkins! I am very excited to arrive.

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