Waterfalls and Israelis

Today Theo and I went for a 30 min drive, out to a beautiful waterfall! It was much cooler there and the water was lovely! It is about 20’ high with a nice cool pool under it to swim around in. Not too deep though so no jumping in! Theo had been panting so heavily that I decided I needed to take her somewhere that she could cool off.

I took video but cant seem to figure out how to get it into the blog. Lots of beautiful flora too!

Turkey Tails in Belize!

Yesterday, 2 young Israeli women arrived. Apparently, per my brother, many young Israelis who travel after the army do a route from Chile up to Mexico. There was a young Israeli man last week too. These two are such fun! Really smart and good politics. I have had a great time talking to them. One of the benefits of staying at the hostel is all the different people that come through!

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