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Puppy Socialization Classes (drop-in is okay)

  • Ages 8-16 weeks

  • Puppies have time to play and work on early socialization

  • Education for parents on early training issues

  • Practice with basic commands

  • Proof of vaccinations required.

Puppy Obedience Classes (not for dogs with serious behavior problems)

  • Ages 16-48 weeks

  • 6 week class with curriculum that builds (not a drop-in class)

  • Socialization

  • Learn to truly communicate with your dog so that they understand you before you have a problem.

  • Basic commands and much more.

Only Positive Training methods are used

  • Removal of a reward for a negative behavior.

  • Rewarding a different behavior for the dog to do what he can not do at the same time as the negative behavior. 

  • Counterconditioning or desensitization to remove undesired behaviors or change the dog's emotional state. 


Cancelation Policy:
You must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours prior to the time of your appointment or you will be charged for your appointment time (2 hours for an initial appointment and 1 hour for subsequent appointments) and travel time if it applies.


Sorry I am not providing classes at this time.
Best Buddies

Individual Sessions in your Home

I find this to be the most effective method and it is described, generally on the "How it Works" page. I come into your home and we work together anywhere from 2-4 hours initially. Return sessions with your dog, telephone and email support are included in the one time fee.

Individual Dog Training


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