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Wild Dog Down

Jane, Phil & Juno

Phil & I wanted a dog, but living in a tiny apartment on a busy street made choosing scary.  We consulted Kyree about which breeds would fare better in tight living quarters, then I tracked down those breeds online at local animal shelters.  We'd decided to get a young adult that was, hopefully, already housebroken & calm.  But when Phil fell in love with a PUPPY cattle dog/terrier mix, I called Kyree in a panic.  She gave immediate advice on the possible pro's & con's of that breed mix, consulted about the behaviors we'd already seen at the pound & then gave us the faith we needed in ourselves to train what turned out to be a wonderful companion.  We learned so much from just a few brief consultations with Kyree - it was totally worth it!



I adopted a rescue dog who was extremely skittish and had a variety of behavioral issues that I had not been able to change.  I was referred to Kyree at Wild Dog Down.  She met with us and taught me how to work with my dog, using a completely positive approach to address the various behaviors.  Kyree taught me how to communicate to my dog that I am the kind of leader that she wants to follow.  My dog has made a huge turn-around - and much faster than I ever imagined.  I highly recommend Kyree.
She was amazing!!

Niqui and Loki me, the most impressive trait Kyree exhibited while taming the 4 year old tornado lab-pit bull- maybe-chow-mix known as Loki was this:  in the chaos that is Loki, she was the only thing that held still;  she used a calm but strong voice, with easy but firm movements and commands and he settled down for her very quickly — and it wasn’t out of fear that he did so.  Her position in his world is unambiguous.  

 Clearly, calmly and patiently, Kyree also trains the humans that accompany their dog....

Cathy and Maddie

Wild Dog Down is THE way to go if you have a dog that jumps on strangers, begs from your table, barks way too much, chews your furniture, is depressed, anxious, etc. I contacted Kyree when my newly adopted dog turned "Kujo" on me. In a very short time she became so vicious that I feared I wasn't going to be able to keep her. Kyree stepped in and immediately was able to assess what was going on. I needed to be a good leader for my dog. Using compassion, care and a calm approach, Kyree helped me become the leader that my dog needed. In just a few hours I had the tools I needed so that my dog could relax and be the happy, friendly, sweet dog I knew she could be. With Kyree's support and on-going consultation I was able to convince my dog that I was a good leader. DO NOT hesitate to contact Wild Dog Down for any dog training need. You won't be disappointed!



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